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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Governance Organizational Structure

The company's governance policy is mainly handled in accordance with the "Code of Practice for Governance of Listed OTC Companies" and relevant laws and regulations. The chairman of the board of directors also serves as the chief executive officer, who is responsible for the overall operation and decision-making of the company and all related companies. The company believes that good corporate governance can establish a solid foundation for operational development, provide high-quality products and services to the market, and enhance long-term corporate value.

Under the principle of adhering to transparent operations, paying attention to shareholders' interests, and believing that a sound and efficient board of directors is the basis of good corporate governance, the company's board of directors authorizes its audit committee and remuneration committee to assist the board of directors in performing its supervisory duties. The committee chairs and reports regularly to the board of directors on its activities and resolutions.

In terms of the company's overall promotion of corporate sustainable management strategies, the company has set up a "Sustainable Development Committee" that will report to the board of directors on the promotion situation every year, and the board of directors also plays the role of supervision and guidance.

Corporate Social Responsibility PolicyCorporate Social Responsibility Policy

Sustainability Committee Member Responsibilities

Committee memberResponsibilityStakeholder
AuditCorporate Governance, Code of Ethics, Compliance, Intellectual Property, Confidential Company InformationEmployees, Government, Society (Note)
Marketing & SalesCustomer Service and Satisfaction, Customer Trust, Customer Privacy, Responsible Business Alliance and its Code of ConductClient
ITInformation SecurityEmployees, Shareholders/Investors, Customers, suppliers/contractors
ERMRisk management, crisis management, emergency response procedures and action plansEmployees, shareholders/investors, customers, suppliers/contractors, government, society
MaterialsRaw materials and supply chain risk management, Supplier management, Responsible business alliance and its code of conductSupplier/Contractor
QualityProduct quality and reliability, Product recall management mechanismCustomers,Suppliers/Contractors
RDInnovation management, Green productsEmployees, Customers, Suppliers/Contractors
Manufacturing OperationsOperational environmental protection efficiency, pollution prevention, water resource risk management, green manufacturingCustomers, Shareholders/Investors, Suppliers/Contractors
FinanceFinancial disclosure, Dividend policy, Tax-related strategiesEmployees,Shareholders/Investors, Customers, Suppliers/Contractors, Governments
Investor RelationsProperly handle issues of concern to investors, establish long-term mutual trust relationships, operate effective two-way communication, and prepare annual reportsShareholder/Investor
EHSEnvironmental policy and management system, pollution prevention and control, energy efficiency, response to climate change and energy conservation and carbon reduction management, product environmental responsibility, environmental problem reporting mechanism, environmental protection expenditure, green supply chain; occupational safety and health policy and management mechanism, workplace safety, Occupational disease prevention and health promotion; environmental protection, safety and hygiene regulations communicationEmployees,Shareholders/Investors,Customers,Suppliers/Contractors,Government, Society
HRAttracting and retaining talents, employee physical and mental health and work-life balance, labor relations and employee recognition, labor human rights, cultivation and career development, responsible business alliance and its code of conductStaff
Charitable FoundationCharitySociety
Public RelationsStakeholder interaction and management, media relationsSociety
Note: "Society" includes communities, NGOs, non-profit organizations and general public.