• Focus Area

Employee Care and Communication

In terms of employee care and communication, in addition to seeking to improve the overall performance of the organization by enhancing employees' self-esteem, self-respect and self-development ability , the company also provides employees with a safe and secure working environment, and is committed to communication, protection and discipline. 

Multiple communication channels

We actively create a communication-friendly environment and provide multiple channels to ensure smooth and unimpeded communication between the company and colleagues. Multiple communication channels include:

  1. Regular labor-management meetings are held.
  2. Various employee feedback channels and planned improvement activities based on employee opinions.
  3. Use the internal website for real-time communication, including important internal information and promotion of recent events.
  4. Colleagues can truly and immediately reflect their voices and make suggestions through various communication channels, and the responsible units will reply and deal with them in real time, maintaining a harmonious relationship between labor and capital for many years.

Employee Relations
Work and life are like a circle, not a seesaw. Work and life should not be mutually exclusive. 
Employee Relations

Therefore, through a variety of general education courses, licensed physicians on site, interviews with professional psychologists, family days, body mental health professional courses and individual counseling, etc., to help employees adjust stress and find their own relaxation free life.