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Externally, Xinchang Electric Ceramics is committed to providing products that meet international environmental protection requirements, continuously improving production processes and pollution prevention, and striving to enhance the company's green competitiveness. Internally, pay attention to the occupational safety and health of employees and contractors at the same time. By properly managing the production and sales process and strengthening the environment, occupational safety and health communication and education and training, we encourage all employees to participate, continuously review and improve, and actively reduce potential risks and possibilities of operation. environmental risks.

Safety and Health Policy

PDC was established on May 21, 1979 (5/21/1990), as a manufacturer of high-end electronic ceramic products. Based on the principle of ensuring quality, try to select low-pollution process equipment and raw materials, in order to pursue pollution prevention in the process of design, manufacture, sales and disposal of products, and eliminate or reduce the impact on employees and supplies due to processes, facilities and activities. The target is the risks caused by suppliers, contractors, surrounding people and stakeholders. We promise to abide by the following principles to implement the operation of the environmental and safety and health management system:

Compliance with laws and regulations

Comply with and meet the requirements of relevant environmental protection, safety and health regulations, international environmental safety conventions, customers, and other relevant groups.

Continuous Improvement

Establish and implement improvement plans to reduce environmental impact, reduce safety and health risks, and continuously improve environmental safety performance.

Risk reduction

Pollution prevention and recycling are done well through appropriate management measures, and various hazard sources are mastered and controlled to prevent all personnel from injury, disease or other disasters.

Implementation of education

Educate and publicize the concept of environmental protection, safety and health for all employees, so that they can recognize their personal responsibilities and implement them in daily business operations.

Good communication

Establish good communication, consultation and participation channels, and strengthen interaction with employees, suppliers, contractors, surrounding people and stakeholders, so as to convey the company's environmental safety and health policies and related requirements.

Pollution Prevention Plan
  1. Actively promote the Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) management system, and implement the environmental safety target responsibility system, adhere to the principle of "risk management, continuous improvement", establish a safety, health and environment management system and environmental safety The target responsibility system is effectively integrated.
  2. The company deeply understands the importance of environmental protection/occupational safety and health and compliance with the code of conduct for the electronics industry. Each factory has established an ISO14001 environmental management system to properly handle environmental issues derived from activities, services and products. The system The requirements of environmental protection responsibility have been effectively met; the Taiwan factory has also established an ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system to identify hazards inside and outside the factory in a carpet-like manner, assess their risks, and then give effective control to reduce the occurrence of occupational disasters. The system's The establishment and maintenance have met the requirements of safety and health responsibility.
  3. In order to implement sustainable development and operation of the environment, greenhouse gas inventory is carried out every year, and all of them are verified by ISO 14064-1 by the certification body. Use this to understand the source and proportion of greenhouse gas emissions, so as to set up subsequent carbon reduction measures and goals.
  4. In order to cooperate with the European Union to actively promote green consumption, the Restricted Substances Act (RoHS) and the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive, the company actively develops and launches green components, especially the lead content of capacitors has been fully lower than 100 mg/kg, which is in line with the market Trendy and leading in the industry, at the same time, it has also obtained the green partner certification of all customers who audit the factory, which shows that the company's efforts in environmental protection have been deeply recognized by customers.
  5. The company recognizes the seriousness of global warming and has set the following goals:
    A. Zero penalties for compliance.
    B. Conduct ISO 14064-1 verification every year, track the sources of high greenhouse gas emissions, and set carbon reduction measures and goals.
    C. All products do not contain environmentally prohibited substances or are below regulatory values.
  6. Continuously implement waste recycling and monitor the waste recycling rate monthly to save resources and reduce pollution.
Risk Reduction and Prevention

PDC's employees and contractors follow the safety and health work rules. If employees find abnormal conditions during work, they will report to their superiors in time to avoid occupational hazards. If the company finds any immediate danger in the workplace, it will immediately stop operations and Keep people in the workplace away to a safe place. In addition, the company has established a relevant complaint mechanism to ensure that the employee will not be punished or affect his performance due to abnormal reactions, and a proposal bonus is provided as an encouragement. Before the contractor enters the factory, he must sign a safety and health contract in accordance with the regulations to ensure that the construction status of the entering factory complies with the relevant safety and health regulations, and notify the contractor of the hazards before entering the factory to remind him of the relevant safety and health precautions during operation. And supervise during the construction period, if there is something that does not follow the relevant operation specifications, the payment will be deducted according to the regulations, so as to remind the contractor to pay attention to the safety and sanitation during construction.


Contractor Management
  • Regularly implement safety and health lectures for contractors to reduce the possibility of occupational accidents and ensure the safety of construction-related personnel.
Energy saving, water saving and carbon reduction
  • The issue of global warming has gradually formed a consensus. In order to reduce the impact of production activities on the environment, PDC strives to reduce the consumption of hydropower resources, the amount of raw materials, and the discharge of pollutants per unit of output through the optimization of manufacturing processes. Since 2010, we have started to implement the concept of energy-saving management, organized an energy-saving committee, and set company-wide energy-saving and carbon-reduction development goals, including energy-saving and water-saving projects and tree planting plans in all factories around the world. Regularly review and track the implementation results, supplemented by Relevant publicity activities and education and training to enhance colleagues' awareness of environmental protection.
  • In 2011, PDC participated in the Energy Conservation, Carbon Reduction and Water Conservation Program of the Taoyuan City Industrial and Commercial Development Bureau, and professional consultants assisted in introducing various transduction projects to strengthen energy conservation benefits.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 18% in 2022 compared to 2021.
  • In 2022, the old lamps in the factory will be updated, and the T5 & T8 lamps in some areas of the Yangmei & Taoyuan factory will be replaced with LEDs. The annual replacement effect will be 13,200KW/month.
  • In addition, a filter press will be built to separate the electroplating sludge and chamfering sludge, and the chamfering sludge will be reused to reduce carbon emissions and impact on the environment. The sludge reuse rate in 2022 will be 22.7%.
  • In 2026, increase the lamp replacement efficiency of Yangmei & Taoyuan plant to 15,000KW/month.
  • Increase the sludge reuse rate to 25.7% in 2026.
  • The 2030 target greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 20% compared to 2019.
  • Reach carbon neutrality by 2050.