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PSA Chairman Anthony Chiao

Value Key Stakeholders, Make CSR as PSA’s DNA!

Although the global economy and human life are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, PSA still grows steadily and even expands our enterprises gradually. We have grown into an international group with eleven listed companies, nearly 40,000 employees, and the total revenue is close to NT$ 120 billion. Apart from shareholder’s support, colleagues' efforts are also an important growth key, so we value “Shareholder Value, Employee Well-being, and Social Responsibility are Equally Important.” which is listed in our seven major business philosophy principles. We hope that while the company is profitable and shareholders receive reasonable remuneration, we can further fulfill corporate social responsibility, create a high-quality working environment with colleagues, strengthen operating performance, and then give back to shareholders and society to achieve a win-win situation and create a sustainable group.

In terms of corporate governance and shareholder value, we believe that good financial performance, healthy cash flow, sustained growth of operating income and profitability are important keys to a company’s sustainable operation. The quality of financial performance even affects the value of the company’s investment. Therefore PSA puts forward a clear quantitative financial performance target, enhances shareholders and investors' confidence in the long-term investment value of the group and a good return on shareholder equity, which can create higher economic value to shareholders, investors, employees, and partners in a long-term.

In employee benefits, PSA refers to relevant human resources codes of conduct and regulations, establish systematic human rights regulations and policies for human rights, employment relationship, salary, training, promotion, retirement, etc. Starting from the aspects of cultivating talents, retaining talents, communication, and living assistance, it demonstrates caring for employees and valuing talents, in order to lead the group companies to become social enterprises. We value the balance between employees’ living and career, and having diverse club activities.

  • In terms of talent training, in response to the group’s globalization and to increase operational efficiency and growth momentum, we open up overseas applications for staff assignments and continue to nurture local talents at various operating locations. At present, a considerable proportion of management is from local talents. In addition, we design annual training courses and set up an online learning system, which provide employees with convenient and efficient learning tools to enhance self-growth and industrial competitiveness. We can early train young talents in different categories.
  • In terms of talent retention, we plan a complete performance and function evaluation, refers to the reasonable salary level of the talent market, and implement a dividend and incentive bonus system in accordance with the annual assessment performance of employees, so that employees can work with peace of mind, continue contributing talents, and grow with the company.

In order to achieve the purpose of lowering the situation and transparent communication, the group companies have established mechanisms including proposal systems and suggestion boxes, which help knowing colleagues' suggestions and timely response reward or adjustment, also promote horizontal communication within the company.

PSA Charity Foundation, which is also attached to the group, has a unique employee assistance program ‘’EAP (Employee Assistance Program)   ”. Professionals provide employee confidentiality and professional consulting services to assist colleagues in solving work and psychological emotions, stress, health, family, finance, and law problems. In addition, we also conduct interviews with new employees through the "Qingyutang" to help them quickly adapt to the company's culture, which solve emotional problems that affect employees’ working performance. At present, there are more than 5,600 employees join in the official Line account, which can help solve employees’ problem by private and bilateral communicate. Till 2022, 330 care management and stress relief courses have been completed, 39 courses are completed in 2022. 493 employee care interviews have been completed from 2020 to 2022, total 4,695 employees have benefited from it, which are very popular among employees.

Continuing the concept of giving back to the society, PSA Charity Foundation continues devoting to five major services, including hearing health care services, volunteering services, children’s reading, short-term breaks for caregivers, and friendly workplaces. Up to now, 

  • the Foundation has donated over NT$100 million, mobilized 5,500 manpower.
  • Funded 245 hearing aid subsidy cases, over NT$7.89 million donation.
  • Recruited 3,500 volunteer.
  • Offered hearing health care to over twenty thousand seniors.
  • Provided free hearing aids bank service to over 1,800 hearing-impaired people.
  • Relieved for more than 630 caregivers through stress-relief courses.
It is the foundation that conducts the most hearing care in community care centers in Taiwan. We hope that through continuous adherence to the promotion of the CSR concept, more people will feel its importance and raise awareness. Furthermore, there are 4,245 classes, more than eighty thousand elementary and junior high school students in Pingtung and Taoyuan have benefited from taking part in sponsored courses for the development of Mandarin Chinese.

Colleagues in PSA group also set up public welfare organization spontaneously to care for rural schools and children with insufficient resources, such as providing long-term transportation vehicles, class assistance and talent learning, fresh milk, computer equipment, and English passports.

Companies under PSA group continue to carry out many actions on business performance,
green products and environmental protection, including:

Chairman's message
Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Comply with occupational health and safety regulations, conduct regular health and safety training to all employees, and continuously improve management and effectiveness.

Chairman's message
Employee health

Create a smoke-free and pregnant-friendly working environment, provide health checks, set health-care stops in each plant, which obtains the highest certification of a healthy working environment.

Chairman's message
Environmental protection and green products

Strictly abide by environmental protection regulations, actively develop green energy products that comply with international environmental regulations to customers, and have obtained multiple certifications.

As a role in the supply chain, we will continuously make CSR as PSA’s DNA, hope this spirit could be put into practice in more aspects, and create a sustainable future with all stakeholders.

Chairman's message