• Focus Area
Customization is the core competence of PDC

In response to the increasing awareness of environmental protection, we strive to inject social care and environmental awareness into our service quality and innovation capabilities, actively develop green products.

Gradually introduce the concept of green citizenship from top to bottom, including product design, procurement, production, and sales; conduct regular internal and external supplier assessments, require suppliers to provide products that do not use conflict metals/conflict minerals, and cooperate with suppliers. Fulfill social civic responsibilities.

IECQ QC 080000 hazardous substance process management system

PDC has certified by (HSPM) QC080000 system and  provides environmental friendly products that are free of hazardous substances that conform to customers' requirements and international regulations.

Hazardous Substance Management Policy
  1. Fulfil Quality System
  2. Upgrade Proces Technology
  3. Manufacture Reliable Products
  4. Satisfy Customers Demands & Laws
  5. Improve & Reduce the Hazardous Substance