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Your Best Specialty Partner

PDC was established in 1990, and its stock was listed on the OTC in 2002. It is one of the few passive component manufacturers in China that can supply ceramic powder raw materials and sell multilayer ceramic capacitors at the same time, and is the only one capable of vertically integrating raw materials from upstream to passive chip components. 

In 2005, PDC entered into a strategic alliance with WTC. In 2008, it formally merged with Hongdian Electronics, extending its sales scope from dielectric ceramic powder, semiconducting ceramic capacitor tiles, multilayer ceramic capacitors, and chip resistors to inductors. It has become a domestic The only passive component supplier that can fully provide special capacitors, resistors, and inductors.

Company Profile

Mastering key materials

Due to mastering the technological niche of key materials, PDC can meet the market demand, start with material research and development, integrate and develop electronic components required by customers, shorten the time limit for mass production, and actively plan various products Towards high-value-added parts functional areas, such as: medium-high voltage, high-precision, large-size chip capacitors and high-value-added products such as high-power, high-precision and low- resistance chip resistors. In the future, it will combine the core technology of materials to enter the high-frequency and high-capacity fields.

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Important role in the supply chain

PDC is committed to the precious metal process and base metal process (BME) chip capacitor dielectric ceramic powder. It has been maturely produced for more than 20 years. Both mass production and external sales have occupied a certain proportion of the market and have won long-term recognition and stability from customers. Purchasing and using, while continuing to improve the independent supply capacity of domestic high-end multilayer capacitor ceramic powder raw materials and extending the strategy of integrating raw materials downstream to chip capacitor products, giving full play to the high operational performance of vertical integration. In addition, dielectric ceramic materials used in the communication industry The development, production and sales also play an important role in the supply chain.

Company Profile

PDC takes sustainable management as its concept and fulfills its corporate social responsibility . While pursuing operational performance, we will not forget to be committed to the practice of all aspects of the environment and society, uphold the spirit of corporate citizenship, and regard sustainability as the company's core value. We hope to benefit others and ourselves, and create the greatest social value.